Friday, December 10, 2010

MLB Think Tank 2010

So the day after Jack had his heart test, I got on a plane and headed to Vegas for work. I did so much better this year! I knew what to expect, I already had met all the clients, and I kept my drinking in check. I think I rolled off the plane last year hungover and sleep deprived. I wanted this year to be a little less exciting. Dont get me wrong I did have one fun drinking night, but was not hung over the next day. Here are some images from the meetings and night acitivites with the clients.


Ok so I have really been neglacting the blog this past month..... Life got away from me for awhile. Sometimes I love when that happens as I feel like I live more in the moment instead of always trying to capture the moment.
I am a firm beleiver in documenting and trying to save all the memories I can as I know this time in our life with small children will go quickly!
To get this baby up to speed here is what you missed.

I did get Jack into a heart specialist for a EKG before the appt Children's gave us. Call it a mother's will that I knew in my heart Jack was a very happy healthy baby boy, I could not leave something like this to chance. I called Mary Bridge in Tacoma and they were able to get him in the following week! Grandma Joan (my mom) although babysitting Jenna was able to come as the family expert if they did find something and I had questions. Robert and I both took the time off work to be there with him.

The EKG consisted of a simple test of stickers placed on Jack to view his heart beat. Easy enough right! Not for our strong willed child.... He ripped the stickers off as they were put on and an easy test became a challenge.
So on to the hard test that required a lot more work and money on everyone's part. We all walked into the dark room with two nurses, my mom, baby Jenna, Robert, Jack and myself. Robert laid on the table with Jack to hold down his legs. Sounds wonderful I know, but he was already crying and not happy at this point. I was in front of the table talking to Jack, and holding his hands down so the nurse could do the ultrasound. Jack fought the entire 45 minutes of the test, screaming, trying to wiggle, tears, snot the works. I think an image or movie should have been taken of the circus going on around him.

Jenna was crying as she had sympthany tears for Jack, Mom was trying to keep her happy. I was singing and being one of those moms. Robert was using all his strength to contain Jack to the table. The one nurse was trying to focus and get good images, and the other nurse was blowing bubbles around the room to keep him happy.

The best news he is totally fine! He will have a heart mur mur that he may or may not grow out of at some point but he is PERFECT!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Waiting Game

I will be the first to admit one of my biggest flaws is patience. I have periods of great triumph and periods of pure craziness. I have never been a patient person but it is something I try to work on. I realize things and people do not move as fast as I would like them to. I could name a few people at work that could use a turbo boost, not naming names here.

So to the root of my patience currently being tested .......I can't promise I wont be annoying or talk about it daily until the day is upon us but here it goes.

Jack had his DR. apt on Monday it took me calling Tues, Wed, and Thursday morning to confirm the referral paper work had been sent to Children's Hospital and to get the name of the doctor who we are to see. Victory hit on Thursday afternoon with a call back from the doctor and the name. Persistence my friend! I called Children's to wait on hold for 15 minutes........ Needless to say my finger nails are gone. I think biting my nails is so gross but when I am impatient my nails suffer! Break through someone picks up the line and gets all our information, she then checks the referral Jack's doctor sent over to confirm when he needs to be seen. She says that our doctor thought Jack needed to be seen at their next available apt. Then she drops the bomb on me..... " Our next opening is November 18" WHAT! Patience Patience...

I tell her that seems to far away and could we go to another hospital for these tests. What else can I do to get him in sooner? NOTHING. I am being tested yet again to learn patience and to be still. I already know a count down has started. I am the type of person who lives by a clock, expect in the mornings Robert reminds me... I feel like accepting an apt so far away means I am not advocating enough for my son. Wouldn't a good mother scream in the phone and call daily to get his apt moved up? I did ask to be put on the stand by list and to call night or day if they can get him in sooner.

Patience I am learning to be patient.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two year wellness check up

Yesterday I took Jackster in for his 2 year check up. He was very excited to be woken up from his nap at Victoria's for a early pick up. Little did he know what was to follow......
He loves the waiting room there with all the toys, t.v. and fish tank, he just hates the rooms and closed doors that follow. He weighed in at 33.2 lbs putting him at 89% for his age group. His height puts him in the 75%, and his head is tracking at 80%. Overall he did really well he was tested for autism and learning disorders, and passed them all with flying colors. He is tracking right on schedule for everything and excelling in motor skills.

Jack is never a fan of his nurses as they are always just about business and don't spend too much time trying to calm him down. Dr Thakker on the other hand is the nicest quietest man and so calming. Jack always seems OK when he comes in the room and he always spends time making sure Jack is comfortable. We are really lucky he is a great doctor and gives us guidance with things when we ask for it.
When listening to Jack's chest I could tell something was wrong as he stayed on his chest for a long time. He kept going back to it but I tried really hard not to jump to conclusions and ask a million questions. He finished up with the rest of the exam and then we went over all of Jack's progress. Then he dropped it! Jack has a heart mur mur, which can mean nothing at all or something is wrong. Either way hearing news that something could even remotely be wrong with your child is stressful. I remember when Jack was just born and they said he failed the hearing test twice! I started crying thinking of a life time of struggles for him. Your mind races a million miles at once and even though everyone says it is common to fail you cant help but think the worst and pray for the best!

So what does this mean for our Jack..... We have to take him to Children's hospital in Seattle to rule out any heart issues and make sure he is OK. He will be given a EKG to make sure this is just a standard heart mur mur and nothing more. I am anxious to get this apt made and get him in so my mind can be at peace again. In my heart I know nothing is wrong and I should not worry but it is a struggle.

Jack left with a total of 2 shots a hep part 2 series and the flu shot. When we got home he was treated with veggie chips and a few M&M's for good behavior.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Your Glee

After many years of not going to the Puyallup fair we decided that Jack would love to see a real cow. Jack had many first's at the fair this year, however we all thought his favorite was before we got there. My parents have going to the fair down, so we listened to them when it came to parking at the park and ride and taking the bus there. Jack loved the bus, I think it was a combination of no car seat and the open space. Needless to say we were off to a good start to the day. Joyce, Joel and kids were waiting for us when we got off the bus. We hit the barns first to see all the animals before nap time hit. My dad consumed about 4 items on a stick before we made it into our first barn. Rick purchased a large inflatable Dora for Jack. We all had a true fair experience between the consessions, rides, and animals it was all that we had hoped for.

Jack goes to Gymnastics

Last Saturday we took Jack to his first ever gymnastic class at the little gym. With all things we never know how he will react to new experiences. From the pictures you can tell it was hard to get a good picture as he never stood still for any period of time. He loved everything about going to this class. Although it is a little expensive I think it is worth the experience he gets out of it. I am hopeful this might be something we can get him for Christmas.

Rick Iben arrives

Rick arrived into town just in time to help with Jack's birthday preparations. Since he was coming for the party and staying with us for a little over a month and a half I knew the house was going to be whipped into shape. Jack's school was closed for three weeks and we were fortunate enough that Rick was able to watch Jack for us. Not only is he watching Jack for us all day but he gets a lot of things done around the house.

He painted our Bedroom
He painted the guest Bathroom
Robert and Rick wired our room for a light fixture as we did not have a light in there.
He put in new face plate covers
Painted Jack and Alex's room

We are very fortunate for all he does for us!